Journey: How I Migrated To WordPress From Blogger

Hi, myself Muhammad Saqlain- admin of blog ‘PC Tricks Club’, here Im sharing my story that how I migrated my blog from blogger to WordPress. Some people think migration process is easy on finger tips but it is not as easy as thought. If a person has already started his blog through WordPress than it […]

Best Tips & Tricks to Earn from PTC Sites – Neobux, Clixsense & Others

It is the digital era when you can boost your earning through the technological process. These opportunities make it easier to earn from home. So, you can earn on your flexible schedule. There is no problem if you are the housewife, student, or retired person. There are the PTC (Paid through click) sites to make […]

How To Connect Digital Ocean With Server Avatar – Complete Guide

Hey guys I’m back with my new tutorial on trending topic which is connecting your Digital Ocean server with server avatar. When you buy a droplet or a plan from Digital ocean or even from Linode, Rackspace etc you directly can’t create your websites or blog as it don’t have cPanel, definitely you need to […]

Apple iPhone 8 | Release Date, Features, Specifications and Price

Apple iPhone8: The idea of an iris scanner was brought into news by the Samsung smartphones and it seems to now have smartphones ached the iPhone 8. However, it might sound absurd talking about the iPhone 8 when it is the iPhone 7 which is soon going to be released next month. However, at the […]

Apple iPhone 7 – Latest News, Updates, Specifications, Price & Release Date

Good news for Apple lovers: iPhone 7’s latest news and updates & rumors: Well, it’s awesome for the Apple patrons who have been waiting with bated breath for news regarding the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro. Even till two weeks ago not much was known about the upcoming model as the brains behind […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Latest News, Specs, Features & Price

Galaxy Note 7 latest news and Rumors: When we talk about today’s generation, it is all about technology and when we talk about technology, smartphones and tablets come first. Well, there has been a device which will let you perform the tasks that a superphone and a tablet can do. Yes, we are talking about […]

How We Made $1100 From Event Based Niche Blogging – Detailed Case Study

Hi Friends, I’m once again back with my another Detailed case study to reveal the most of the secrets how we made $1100 from event based niche blogging. So let us start step by step. We (me & my team) were looking up for the upcoming good events to make out some money out of […]