Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Comparison

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: This year, we witnessed the launch of two of the most amazing mobile devices. One being the iPhone 7 Plus and the other being the Galaxy S7 Edge. The iPhone 7 Plus runs on iOS and the Galaxy S7 Edge on Android. Both of these devices are extremely powerful and stable. The devices are not identical in most terms but being the flagship devices of two of the most valuable brands; users had high expectations from these two phones. Let’s compare it in terms of design, features, price, look, performance etc what ever available.

And most of the expectations were met by these two devices and the users were quite satisfied when the features were announced. However, it created a huge confusion among people who were looking for a new high-end device because they had to choose between either the iPhone 7 Plus or the Galaxy S7 Edge. This year as well we are going to see a great battle between these two giant smartphone makers. Samsung is preparing Galaxy S8, and Apple will come with iPhone 8 flagship later this year. Both devices are rumoured to get outstanding specifications and features.

iPhone 7 Plus Vs Galaxy S7 Edge| Design

Regarding design, both the phones are quite good looking. It all comes down to user perspective, and their preference matters the most. Some users may like the slim design of the iPhone 7 Plus while other may prefer the solid build of Galaxy s7 edge more.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

iPhone 7 Plus Vs Galaxy S7 Edge| Performance

As we stated in the intro, both of these devices are very powerful however many smartphone experts claim that the Galaxy S7 Edge is more powerful in comparison to the iPhone 7 Plus. But it is a whole other story because both the devices run on different operating platforms and apps are optimised differently on different operating systems.

Price Comparison: Samsung launched their S7 Edge last year at MWC which is now available at just under $700 USD while iPhone 7 Plus came a bit late with IFA. The iPhone 7 Plus is available @870 USD which is a bit costlier as compare to Galaxy lineup. Both devices feature amazing specs and features. But we think Samsung still have an upper edge over Apple with their price and performance upgrades.

In this post, we compared the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S7 Edge regarding design and performance. For now, Apple is working on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus smartphone for their IFA 2017 flagship. We hope that you liked this post as we tried to make it as much informative as we could. If you have any doubts or queries, then feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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