How to Schedule Your Email in Gmail – Complete Step By Step Guide

Scheduling an email is an important feature that most of the email service providers tend to ignore. It is quite unfortunate, to be honest, that such a basic feature has been left out. What is email scheduling? Well, as the name suggests, it is the practice of drafting an email and then planning it to be sent […]

Blogger Adsense Code Converter Online [HTML To XML]

As blogger is a basic and better platform the newbies, and when they apply for Adsense they will face a lot of difficulties to add ‘Adsense advertisements’ on the blogger blog. As ‘Blogger’ takes 0% of the revenue share and displays the available ads within the blogger blogspot blog. As the Blogger blogspot blog’s template […]

How To Lock Google Chrome And Protect Your Browsing Data

As all of us know that the Google chrome is the most popular and used web browser all over the world. On an average and approximate statistical values out of all internet users 35% users prefer Google chrome where as 12% prefer Mozilla Firefox and 11% prefer Internet Explorer where as other prefer other Web […]

How To Check Your Exact Internet Speed In Just A Click

Internet users pay for internet connection to their cable operator with a rate of speed of internet but many of people don’t know how to check the internet speed. We pay for even 10 Mbps speed or more but ever wondered how to check the exact speed what your service provider is giving you. There are or there may […]

Get Free Ride Upto Rs.200 From OLA Cabs

OLA Cabs offers you free ride upto Rs.200 to promote their App and their service. Now you can easily take the ride from OLA Cabs. Just follow the below steps to get first free ride from OLA Cabs, not only that but after taking your first ride you can refer your friends to get more […]

Download Latest Avast Anti Virus (Offline Installer) With One Year License Key For Free

Most of the people are afraid to lose their data which is infected by the virus, yeah virus can infect your data and it may even infect your data to the level that you can’t even recover it some times but as we say ‘precaution is better than cure’, so you can start taking precaution […]