How To Root Your Phone Without Voiding Warranty With Or Without PC

Rooting! This is one of the most heard time now a days, let us first know what is ‘rooting’. Rooting your android device is a process which gives you full access over your android smart phone. There are some limitation to your android Smart phone OS but after you root your phones you can remove […]

Top 10 Best Smartphones Coming In 2016

As 2015 came to an end, the smartphones companies are living no stone to turn out the 2016 more relevant and many smartphones companies including Apple, Samsung and Sony has announced their upcoming phones before 2016. If rumours are to be believed than many smartphones companies are going to windows OS system rather than Android […]

How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On One Phone [Simple Steps]

WhatsApp is a quite popular messaging App which is very popular through out the world including India, you can send text messages, voice notes and even make voice calls with WhatsApp messenger. Now a days lot of people using Dual sim phones and want to use two WhatsApp accounts, one for the personal use and […]

All You Need To Know About The World’s First 3D Smart Phone

All You Need To Know About The World’s First 3D Smart Phone – Technology seems to really have caught up with the cartoons and futuristic depictions as shown in movies. It always takes our breath away to see futuristic technology in cartoons like The Jetsons and Iron Man and now this technology might be a […]