How To Purchase Domain For Almost $2 (Rs.99 INR) From GoDaddy and Bigrock

Hey, guys, I’m back again with my new tutorial explaining how to buy domains at lowest price. Ever imagined to buy a domain? This is very useful for you if are still using the blogspot blogger domain. Most of people don’t opt for purchasing our buying domains [specially newbies] thinking that domain purchasing will require […]

How To Root Your Phone Without Voiding Warranty With Or Without PC

Rooting! This is one of the most heard time now a days, let us first know what is ‘rooting’. Rooting your android device is a process which gives you full access over your android smart phone. There are some limitation to your android Smart phone OS but after you root your phones you can remove […]

How To Check Your Exact Internet Speed In Just A Click

Internet users pay for internet connection to their cable operator with a rate of speed of internet but many of people don’t know how to check the internet speed. We pay for even 10 Mbps speed or more but ever wondered how to check the exact speed what your service provider is giving you. There are or there may […]