Top 10 Best Smartphones Coming In 2016

As 2015 came to an end, the smartphones companies are living no stone to turn out the 2016 more relevant and many smartphones companies including Apple, Samsung and Sony has announced their upcoming phones before 2016. If rumours are to be believed than many smartphones companies are going to windows OS system rather than Android OS. If we looked at 2015 then it can’t be wrong to say, this year belongs to smartphones because smartphones market grew 13.0% in 2015 and Android dominated the marker with 82.0%  share. Below is the list of top10 smartphones based on the features and public interest.



 Best smartphones coming in 2016:

1.Apple iPhone 7:

Expected to be unveiled in September 2016 one year after iPhone 6s comes out in the market. Although the final date still not announced. The new iPhone 7 will be bigger in size and it will be faster than ever with M10 motion co-processor and also with 2GB RAM. The rumours also circulating that iphone7 will also have an all new D-jack Headphone jack, curved edge design and waterproofing protection. If you are an Apple iPhone fan then wait for the grand release on September 2016.


2.Google Nexus 6:

This smartphone will once again be made by Huawei and with more features added than Google Nexus5 one. The new Google Nexus 6 will be having a new Android version Android N, Snapdragon 820 chip which makes the phone more powerful and more interesting. Google Nexus 6 will be arriving in the market from October 2016.

Goog+ announces+Google+Nexus+2016

3.HTC One M10:

One of the major smartphone to look in 2016 is HTC One M10, people like One M8 and M9 due to that public interest HTC announces this smartphone with better features than M8 or M9. Although the M9 is slightly different from M8. HTC is planning to deliver a new metal flagship. The new HTC One M10 is expected to arrive in March 2016.


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4.LG G5:

It’s not so long that people graced with LG G4 and the LG itself has announced LG G5, that will come by the end of 2016.LG G5 will sport a 5.6 HD screen with 21 rear Mega Pixels and 8 front Mega Pixels. If rumours are to be believed than LG G5 will be faster than ever with snapdragon 820 processor and 3GB RAM.



5.Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge:

If believed in the rumour then the Samsung Galaxy s7 will be same as galaxy6 and galaxy edge7 with some new features. The Samsung Galaxy7 will have a 20MP rear camera and 13 MP front camera and it may also have snapdragon 820 processor which makes the device so interesting and eye catching. The Samsung may also announce Samsung Galaxy S7 plus in the upcoming years.


6.Sony Xperia Z6:

Sony announces long before but full specifications of this device are still under the rumours and if we talked about this device then this all new Sony Xperia Z6 might be having the latest Android version. The rumour is also circulating that Sony is planning to develop this with 5 different variants with screen sizes from 4 to 6.6 inches. Z6 will provide a Full HD with waterproofing screen.


7.Asus Zenfone 3:

2015 was quite a better year for Asus as its Zenfone2 has got great reviews from the user and the people like that device very well, due to public interest Asus will soon to announce Zenfone3. Zenfone3 will have 4GB RAM and snapdragon 820 processor. If the rumoured is to be believed then Zenfone 3 cost is same as Zenfone2. With low cost and high features Asus Zenfone manage to get the spot in Top10 list.


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8.One Plus3:

One plus3 is a successor of one plus2 which is more popular due to its performance and camera features. One plus3 was announced long before however the launching month still not revealed. One plus3 will be having third generation chipset which improves the device performance, with this one plus3 might be the first phone to be run on 3rd generation chipset. The rumoured features of one plus3 are 5GB RAM, 5.5 inches ultra HD screen, 21 MP back and 13 MP front cameras.



Xiomi is one of the most popular smartphones which is fame by redmi mi series and xiomi Mi3 is also one of the best selling smartphones of 2015. Recently Xiomi has given hints about his upcoming products in that Mi6 was also present. Xiomi Mi6 may come with 5G network connectivity and 4GB RAM which makes a device more interesting. Xiomi Mi6 may also contain Qualcomm 820 snapdragon processor with 21 MP rear and 13 MP front camera. You can have phone back covers also for these mobiles.


10.Lumia 940 XL:

Lumia 940 XL is one of the most awaited Smartphone of 2016. Lumia 940 XL will be the first smartphones which run on the Windows 10 operating system. Not only OS but also it will be the first Microsoft smartphone which will have a 4GB RAM.The device will most probably be launched int he end of 2016.


Final Words and Conclusion:

The above list is based on features and public demand of the product or smartphone. If I want to buy the phone from the above list then I will select Asus Zenfone because it has everything that a perfect smartphone should have and also the cost of the phone is very less.

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